About our Business:

Hello there, I'm thrilled you're here.

My name is Victoria, I'm a small business owner who loves to do all things creative. I specialize in event planning and floral arrangements, among other creatives.

I started this business a couple years ago when the pandemic hit us all and date nights were kind of cancelled. Shortly after launching my business I discovered my passion for helping others create special memories & it's been a journey of improvement ever since. Forming part of this industry is so wonderful and rewarding, since you're constantly being reminded that your work makes a difference. Being able to be a part of so many love stories has truly made me a hopeless romantic, which is why I'm devoted to making each and every experience feel/be unique.

I hope I can also help you make your loved one(s) feel special.

Thank You!

”Thank you sooo much you guys are the best.”

- @noor.walizada

”Thank you for going above and beyond truly means a lot”


”Dude ur awesome literally only ordering ever again from you”


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